Social Media Through Partners

Hopefully, you’ve educated your Partners to use social media to better drive demand. But, how do they keep up with the need for multiple tweets and posts per day to truly engage their prospects?  Channel Maven Consulting will provide Partners with content relevant to their prospects aligned with multiple campaigns, following the 70/30 best practice split of industry relevant content versus company-specific.

When you are trying to reach Partners and their customers, content is part of the equation.  Our Social Media Amplification Programs use valuable content to gain end user attention while solving their pain points.

By investing in Social Media Amplification, we deliver strategic content for you.

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We help your Partners engage by: 

  • Managing Executive/Principal Social Profiles (up to 3)
  • Providing weekly strategic content for them to share (industry & company related)
  • Integrating relevant news and campaigns into their content-sharing strategy
  • Increasing their social reach by positioning strategically in conversations
  • Delivering posts in Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook format, including articles and links