Partner Demand Gen Rally Station™



Train, engage, and invigorate your Partners’  Marketing and Sales teams at your next Partner summit!

Your Partners struggle with sales and marketing. Help them understand how social engagement and traditional sales and marketing work together to drive Partner demand.

How the Partner Demand Gen Rally Station™ Helps Drive Revenue 

The Partner Demand Gen Rally Stationshows Partners how to optimize their online presence in real time to see results offline. These valuable, lasting sales and marketing resources will help increase inbound thru Partner demand generation efforts at your summit or sales kickoff.

Armed with Channel demand generation consultants and a professional photographer, The Channel Maven Consulting Partner Demand Gen Rally Station™ was developed to take Partners’ sales and marketing to the next level, no matter what their baseline is. Partners start with an overall evaluation of their digital and traditional marketing, where advisors assess everything from social handles, to websites, to email lists and sales strategies. Then, Channel Maven Consulting sets Partners up with photos and videos for their social profiles. They’ll walk away with best practices for key social media platforms, as well as a plan for building and nurturing relationships with an integrated sales and marketing strategy.

What’s in it for You, the Vendor?

Not only will your Partners appreciate the support and interest in their business, but you both reap long-term benefits:

While visiting the Partner Demand Gen Rally Station™ Partners are encouraged to connect with your social media accounts. From that moment forward, you have one more avenue to communicate with Partners. Every newsletter, every webinar, every product launch you socialize will benefit from the additional exposure through Partners following your social media accounts.

This exposure trickles down to your events, as well. Your Summit or sales kick-off will gain additional attention during the event when we use your event #hashtag to instruct Partners on social media posting best practices. After their assessment, Partners will understand how to strengthen their online event engagement with more traditional event follow-up tactics.

Channel Partners leave your event with actionable steps to strengthen their online connections with traditional marketing and ultimately, drive demand for their solutions and yours.