Workshops and Speaking

Build stronger relationships with your Partners and help them drive more revenue through The Channel with live or virtual workshops:

We all know social media and online engagement play a role in your channel development and marketing. Putting that into practice however can be a little more complicated. What better way to get your entire team or your entire channel more productive then to hand them the tools they need, specific to their business? Our workshops are customized to your goals and resources and work with your internal team, directly with your Partners, or both.

Two examples of workshops we host include:

Making Your Channel Programs Social

Sure you have certifications, specializations, and incentives; but, are these programs driving the behaviors and revenue you need? And, do your Partners know about them, are they getting the exposure they deserve? Why not have your current Partners help recruit new Partners and engage inactive Partners simply by updating their status or “sharing” content? Once you create these great programs, one of your biggest challenges is keeping your program and products top-of-mind with Partners. In this full-day workshop or virtual workshop we’ll show you how to:

  • Socialize the benefits of your program to equally engage and reward your Partners
  • Make your communications plan social (an email newsletter doesn’t do it anymore)
  • Keep your products and services top-of-mind with Partners
  • Make your programs work for you
  • Promote your Partners as your best advertisements
  • Use blogs and social platforms to provide better exposure to programs
  • Build your own Channel Programs during breakout sessions

Drive More Demand Through Your Channel

We all know that providing Partners with the tools and resources they need to carry out marketing campaigns is no longer enough. Email, direct mail, print advertising…who buys that way anymore? Learn how to better support your Partners’ marketing efforts through social media and online engagement in an interactive workshop. Through a series of presentations, breakout sessions, and group collaboration you will learn to help Partners:

  • Build end-to-end marketing campaigns that are more successful through multiple “touches”
  • Use online engagement such as search engine optimization for an entire site or specific landing page
  • Brand themselves online so “word of mouth” actually leads to, well, leads
  • Leverage social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Spiceworks, YouTube, and Facebook to drive demand (not just “likes” from family members)

Note: this workshop is available for both field marketing/CAM facing or Partner facing.