Engage Partners Online

Social media is an important sales and marketing tool for Vendors and Partners.

Once just a suggestion, social media is now a driving force in SEO, messaging, amplification, and engagement for brands. But that’s not all. Social selling and social listening have changed the way we do business in the Channel. Partners are often bombarded by information coming in simultaneously from multiple mediums which is why it’s imperative you take the time to establish an online engagement strategy to ensure your programs and resources are gaining exposure.

Better engage and enable your Partners without bombarding them!

Social Media and online engagement are great ways to ensure Partners have multiple opportunities to receive and respond to the important program information you provide.

How Can We Help You?

It’s imperative to develop an integrated communications plan to ensure each Partner, and individual regardless of role, is getting information that will help you both be successful. Your corporate marketing team has plenty of content to share on social media but is it truly what your Partners care about?

Our team will analyze your current strategy and help you understand how to better target Partners through online engagement and write compelling, engaging social and traditional content.

Where do you stand?

Our consultants, leveraging our Channel Maven Social Intelligence reports, and other hard statistics, can show you how much of an impact your online strategy has on your audience. Our online engagement programs focus on your success — we’re interacting with your Partners to build stronger relationships within your Partner community and help you grow your influence now and into the future.

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No Two Strategies Are Alike. 

In the Channel, it’s important to have a strategy that will help you shine. We understand that no two Vendors will have the same needs, strategy, and execution on social media. We embrace your unique position and craft strategies that work, based on your input. The Channel Maven Consulting team in comprised of experts who know how to build a following, extend reach and engage your Partners. We have a track record of creating custom social strategies that positively impact your Channel ROE (Return on Engagement).