Event Rally Station

Train, engage, and invigorate your Partners’ marketing at your next Partner Summit!

Are your Partners putting their best foot forward when selling and marketing to your joint customers? Are they signed up for and taking advantage of your resources and are they connecting with you on Social Media to stay informed and relevant?

We can help!

The Partner Demand Gen Rally Station™ is a booth set up within your summit expo and armed with demand generation consultants and professional photographers to provide a real-time boost to each partners’ integrated sales and marketing strategy.

Amplify your Partners’ connections on and offline

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Your Partners are gathered from around the globe for a few days of keynotes, training, and break-out sessions. Step up your event by providing your partners with a social media tune-up and a professional headshot.

Our demand generation experts help your Partners understand how to use social media to amplify traditional sales and marketing tactics. They’ll be walked through an extensive checklist of pitfalls to watch out for, areas that are underutilized and might need improvement, as well as areas they’re already doing right.

Partners have our undivided attention throughout this collaborative process and when finished can be confident an integrated marketing and sales approach will highlight their strengths as your Partner.

Help your Partners create relevant and engaging content (blog or video)


Content is an important piece of an integrated sales and marketing approach. It ties into SEO, social media, and most important, is a great way to reach the buyers your Partners sell to. Each Partner is at a different place when it comes to producing content and we meet them where they need help most. We work to craft a straightforward outline for a blog article or video script, or even a basic talk track, empowering your Partners by helping them articulate who they are and where their strengths lie.

Partners’ social media and SEO competitive analysis

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Our analysis of your Partner’s closest competitors highlights how they stack up in the market. We generate a report detailing the social media presence of your Partner and compare them to the competition. Who is driving more business through social and SEO? We’ll tell them and give pointers and tips to help them edge above or stay on top.

Connect your Partners to your programs

Want your Partners to sign up for your marketing automation tool or set up syndication for social or their website? We can help.

Better engage your channel by having our team help get your Partners signed up live!