Channel Maven Partner Prospecting Guides™

Take your Partners’ sales to the next level.

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The right sales training and enablement are critical for success in your Partners’ sales campaigns. This means investing time and money to bring new sales people up to speed and keeping existing sales people sharp. Partner sales teams must understand the latest technology trends and challenges that shape their customers’ decision making. Channel Maven Consulting’s Partner Prospecting Guides can help take your Partners’ sales to greater profitability.

The Prospecting Challenge

Whether by phone, at a conference, in an elevator, or by email, sales people have precious few minutes to connect and build credibility with a new prospect. Often – a thoughtfully worded question or observation is the difference between getting a meeting and joining the pile of discarded business cards. This means sales teams must understand the market dynamics surrounding technology solutions as well as how those dynamics impact a customer’s business and the unique challenges they face. Today’s sales people must be problem solvers for their clients. –  having knowledge of how to solve problems is paramount.

Too much time is spent in training sessions and taking online sales and technical certification. Not enough time is spent distilling knowledge and tactics into a summarized useful format, that sales people can use while on the phone or preparing for sales calls.

What are Partner Prospecting Guides?

A Channel Maven Partner Prospecting Guide is a four to six-page kit that provides everything a sales person needs to effectively prospect and prep for sales calls. Each guide is customized by topics such as cloud-based backup or desktop virtualization and includes:

• Market Overview
• Technology Overview
• Customer Needs and Challenges
• Qualifying/Scoping Questions
• Solution Description
• Tele-Prospecting Script
• Prospecting Email Template

Your Channel Maven Consulting team works directly with your Channel Partners to create and customize the guide to your corporate brand and message and to the Partners’ messaging, strengths and targeted sales campaigns. Partner Prospecting Guides are used by existing sales people ramping up on new solution areas or by new sales people coming up to speed on your offerings, differentiators and other key components of sales conversations.