Channel Maven Social Intelligence

CMSI - 1-2

You’ve been working hard building your social platforms. But, is all that hard work paying off? Let’s find out!

Welcome to Channel Maven Social Intelligence, a social and SEO analytics tool that reports how effective your social reach is compared to your competition and provides steps for improving your social reach.

  • Build a more engaged social strategy
  • Understand where your social is falling short (and excelling)
  • Increase social reach to drive demand
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Assist your inbound marketing efforts


Conquer Your SEO with Comparative SEO Insights: Search Engine Optimization is no longer a guessing game with our SEO Insights. We’ll make suggestions for actionable steps to improve your SEO and give you the best strategies for your keyword choices, homepage title, meta descriptions, domain authority and back links.

Gain A Competitive Edge with Comparative Social Metrics: Want to know which platforms your competitors are using that you aren’t? First we’ll show your company’s social audience, social activity and engagement volume (by platform). Then we’ll show you the same information for your competitors so you can see how you compare. Lastly, we’ll make suggestions of how to use this information to your advantage.

Find Out How You Stack Up: We offer specific analysis by platform and tell you who is making the most headway socially and how your company can get to and remain at the top. Want to know when the top Tweets were sent out? We can tell you. Want to know which social platforms are being used in your market segment or how many times a day your competitors are Tweeting, posting and engaging in social? We can tell you that, too!