#CMCtv Episode 12: Drive Engagement with Communications TO Partners

Welcome back to another episode of #CMCtv. In this episode, we discuss how communications TO Partners helps Vendors drive engagement.

Much like ending a relationship over text message, communications to Partners can be troublesome. In both situations, you may find yourself asking: Is this really the best method and/or platform to get my point across? In the case of a break-up text, no it isn’t. Spot on analogy, right?

So then, how should you be communicating to your Partners? If you are not getting the results you want make sure you take these points into consideration:

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#CMCtv Episode 11- Sales Strategy for Channel Partners

Welcome back to another episode of #CMCtv. In this edition, we discuss Sales Strategy Tips for Channel Partners.

Partner and Vendor organizations are all unique; from size, to number of employees, to business goals, to Partner programs, to Partner types, to technologies and end users. You can’t treat them all alike; so, how then do you encourage and amplify digital marketing as it relates to sales strategy in a more custom way?

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CMCtv Episode 10: Training Successful Partner-Facing Teams

In case you’ve been missing Channel Maven TV (#CMCtv), you’ll be happy to know… We’re back with all new short, strategic, informative Channel-centric episodes! In this one, Heather K. Margolis and guest Ryan Morris discuss how Partner-facing teams within Vendor organizations can help demonstrate real value to today’s Channel Partners.

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