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CMCtv Episode 13 – Channel Best Practices (that aren’t always practiced)

Welcome to Channel Maven TV (#CMCtv)! In this episode, Brad Rolfe, Channel Maven VP of Client Engagement joins Heather K. Margolis to share a few laughs and suggestions for Channel enablement and Channel best practices (that aren’t always practiced).

Here’s a recap; enjoy the full episode below:

Although Vendors are aware of the evolution in the Vendor-Partner relationship, and that digital transformation is top of mind across all industries, there’s a gap in Channel best practices. Cloud added a universe of new Vendors, products, and solutions and most Partners today work with anywhere from 5 to 25 different Vendors. They’re also more in control of their outcomes and self-serve information about Channel Programs, products and services before deciding which Vendors to work with. It’s time to focus on Partner needs and end-user pain points. It’s time to ensure you’re helping Partners become trusted advisors, evolve their value, and grow their business with your products and solutions.

In this episode, find out:

  • Why Partners want to hear about other Partners’ success and which vehicle works best for Vendors to deliver these stories
  • Why case study videos are so popular and why now is a better time than ever to create cost-effective video
  • The top two things (from a support perspective) that Partners need from Vendors
  • What happens to the leads you toss over the fence to a Partner and how can you stop them from squandering the deal?
  • Why training and working with new-to-cloud Partners is beneficial to your Partner enablement strategy

If you’re looking for a few great tips to improve Partner enablement strategy, this episode will help. If you have any questions or suggestions or just want to chat, Brad and Heather are happy to connect.

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Channel Partner Education: Small Steps Lead to Demand Generation

When consulting with Vendors on the topic of Partner Education we often hear about goals for To-Partner communications and demand generation initiatives. Everyone, especially Partners, is hyper-focused on generating demand and in many cases conversations with Vendors involve tactics that Partners can self-execute. Typically, these include portal activities such as customizable email drip campaigns, social media content and syndication and downloadable content such as white papers, eBooks, infographics, videos and webinars.


Vendors and Partners: How do you Define a Successful Channel?

The Channel Maven team has a collective 100 years experience in the channel so, it’s probably no big surprise that we often converse about best-in-class Channel Programs and which components lead to a successful Channel. Lately, we’ve been looking at it from the Partner journey perspective and how this point of view can help build an ideal Channel Program.

When looking for Vendor options, there are of course some common elements Partners identify and review. But beyond those, how (other than looking at sponsored award winners) can they define channel success or rank channel opportunities in order to make the best decision for their situation?

As a Partner looking to add a Vendor to your portfolio, or as a Vendor trying to attract Partners, here are some factors to take into consideration:


#CMCtv Episode 12: Drive Engagement with Communications TO Partners

Welcome back to another episode of #CMCtv. In this episode, we discuss how communications TO Partners helps Vendors drive engagement.

Much like ending a relationship over text message, communications to Partners can be troublesome. In both situations, you may find yourself asking: Is this really the best method and/or platform to get my point across? In the case of a break-up text, no it isn’t. Spot on analogy, right?

So then, how should you be communicating to your Partners? If you are not getting the results you want make sure you take these points into consideration: