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MDF Burning a Hole in Your Pocket Part II: How to Get The Most Out of Your MDF

Last week, I talked to Channel Vendors and Manufacturers about making sure Partners use their MDF. This week I’m talking to Partners and Vendors about how to get the most out of the MDF you have. Did you know: $25 Billion in MDF is left on the table every year? Okay, that’s not all going to you but even if part of it is going to you aren’t you bummed if you don’t use it?? I would be.  (more…)

4 Must-Haves for Small Businesses

4 Must-Haves for Small Businesses

At Channel Maven Consulting we spend a lot of time working directly with Partners. Usually that is to improve their ROI on inbound marketing and lead generation but there are so many other small business challenges we have worked with Partners to overcome (not to mention we are a SMB ourselves!).

How are Small Business Channel Partners thriving through times of growth?

Here are the four most important recurring themes we’ve gathered from Channel Partners who have built thriving small businesses: