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Why Creativity Still Matters in Channel Marketing

Channel Partners don’t always have time for overly creative marketing. So, when I learned what SYNNEX Corporation does to infuse creativity into their Partners’ marketing and how it helps drive demand and stay top-of-mind, I was all ears. It’s an interesting one-two-punch I hadn’t fully considered until a recent ‘catch-up’ call with Mary Ellen Grom, VP of US Marketing at SYNNEX. (more…)

Measuring Channel Partners Marketing ROI

When it comes to marketing, Partners want to know two things: “what’s the return on investment?” and “when will I see results?”

If we could answer those questions easily and succinctly, we’d be millionaires. Unfortunately, too many factors at play make ROI measurement across a whole marketing plan challenging and predicting when a pay off will happen isn’t any easier. But, when we look at ROI on each tactic and ROE (return on engagement) for overall strategy we can begin to predict the answers. (more…)

A Chore No More – 8 Simple Ways to Make Time for Social Media

Countless articles, surveys, and infographics point to how important social media is for B2B marketing strategy and Vendors and Channel Partners are not immune. Still, no matter how many times we hear the message, posting and engaging on social falls to the bottom of the priority list especially for Partners who often wear many hats and lack time and resources for social media marketing. With never-ending to-do lists, how do Partners make time for social media and how can Vendors help them solve this challenge?


MDF Burning a Hole in Your Pocket Part II: How to Get The Most Out of Your MDF

Last week, I talked to Channel Vendors and Manufacturers about making sure Partners use their MDF. This week I’m talking to Partners and Vendors about how to get the most out of the MDF you have. Did you know: $25 Billion in MDF is left on the table every year? Okay, that’s not all going to you but even if part of it is going to you aren’t you bummed if you don’t use it?? I would be.  (more…)