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Women in the Channel: Laura Bergerson on Entrepreneurship

With interest rates at an all time low and individual and institutional investors cash heavy, 2016 marks the beginning of what’s being referred to as the Golden Age for women entrepreneurs. In short, women now own 38% of the U.S. businesses across most industries and these ventures are growing at five times the national average. Over the last few years, we’ve seen more and more women in The Channel exploring entrepreneurship. If predictions are right and the “Golden Age” has only begun – there are plenty of up-and-coming women business owners hungry for advice from inspiring entrepreneurial women in The Channel. (more…)

Why Blogging is Key for Partner Marketing Strategy

With more Vendors than ever to choose from, today’s Partners work with anywhere from 5 to 25 at any given time and align with those who truly help them sell. They’re not interested in playing favorites; their attention is focused on growth, sales, and keeping the lights on. It’s causing a shift in Partner marketing where the Vendors that help drive joint sales and add value are rewarded by staying top-of-mind with Partners. They are also the ones moving more of the 80% of lower achievers into the 20% of Partners that generate most of the revenue through their Channel.


Amplify Partner Experience With Your Channel Blog

These days, most Vendors have a Channel blog to help their Partners. The question to ask is: are those blogs giving Partners the information they need to be successful?

Six years ago, social media adoption was rising in the Channel and The VARGuy wondered if Vendor Channel blogs were dying. Now, in 2016, we can confidently say blogging is still going strong. The truth is, Vendor’s Channel Partner blogs are more important than ever. (more…)